are high security locks worth the cost

Are High Security Locks Worth the Cost

The higher the security of a lock, the higher the cost of the lock. This simple fact leads many to stop and weigh the costs before they decide on whether or not they should buy high security locks for their home. 

However, deciding whether high-security locks are worth it in the case of your home, does not need to be a complicated process. Here’s a simple way to determine if they are worth it for you. 

High Security Locks and Your Home

Put yourself in the shoes of a burglar. You wish to rob a house and notice a high-security lock on the door. Is that it? 


In most cases, those who turn to robbery will find the point of least resistance in order to gain entry into a home. This means that if they are faced with a high-security front door lock, they will simply look at your windows, back and side doors, and garages for an easier way in. 

Because of this, most homes decide they do not need a high-end lock, so long as they have a decent lock. A grade 2 lock is considered secure enough for most residential homes. 

On the other hand, if your house stores valuables of high value, the cost of a high-security lock is a worthwhile investment. Just be sure to secure the other entrances into your home as well. 

High Security Locks and Commercial Property

The need for high-security locks changes if you own a commercial property. 

A good lock can do more than keep your doors sealed against entry, it can keep evidence of a break-in. For instance, if a lock is picked, the inside workings of the lock will show evidence that a lock pick was used instead of a key. This sort of thing is necessary when it comes to claiming insurance if they are ever robbed. 

It is also important to check the insurance on a commercial property. Some insurance companies will require you to have a Grade 1 lock. 

The Cost of High Security

Yes, high-security locks do cost a lot more than your average lock. However, you have to remember that you are paying for more than just parts. You are paying for security and safety. 

A grade 1 high-security lock has been tried and tested. It is not invincible (no lock is) but it is considered the most sturdy and difficult to bypass. If you need more advice on choosing the right lock for your home contact Wynwood Locksmiths on 786-358-6116