can i make a car key without the original

Can I Make A Car Key Without The Original?

Losing your car key can be a real headache, especially if you have places to be on a limited time schedule. It can cause you even more trouble if you don’t have a spare. What are your options then? Do you need to call your car dealer, get help from your garage, or can you call a locksmith? 

No Car Key, No Problem

If you go to your local locksmith then you will find that they can make you a copy of your key without the original. However, you will need some details for this to be possible.

When you visit your locksmith make sure you take the following details with you:

  • The make and model of your car.
  • Car Registration
  • Car year.
  • VIN number (Vehicle Identification Number).

You can also bring your locksmith your car Key Code if you have it. This would normally be on your car manual, on a label with your car paperwork, or on your car keys. 

If you still have your keys and are looking at what to do in the event of losing them, it is a good idea to note down any codes on the keys on your car paperwork and take a photograph. 

How Locksmiths make Car Keys

The reason they don’t need to copy your key directly is because of how a locksmith can make a key. All the information you provide when you ask for a replacement key will enable them to identify the type of key needed for your car. 

Once they know the type of key they will:

  1. Accurately cut your key to size and shape.
  2. Program the key. All cars made after 2000 have an immobilizer inside the fob. For the key to work correctly your car key fob needs to be accurately programmed. 

Alternatively, a locksmith can use the scoping method to check out the inner workings of your car locks and cut the key appropriately. This is a common method to roughly cut an accurate key if your real keys are locked inside your vehicle. 

How Long Does it Take to Cut a Car Key?

Ultimately, the timing for your key is going to depend on many different factors. 

Factor a. The type of key that you need (fob, keyless, or transponder).

Factor b. The make, model, and age of your car.

Factor c. Blank keys. If your locksmith already has a blank key to hand that fits your needs, it will be quicker. 

If your stars align, then you can have your new car key on the same day. If you need a professional locksmith to cut you a new car key, contact Wynwood Locksmith  on 786-358-6116