Is a smart or traditional lock more secure

Is a Smart or Traditional Lock More Secure?

When looking for a secure lock for your home you will come across claims that traditional locks are not as secure as a good Smart Lock. Others claim that the benefits of a Smart lock far outweigh a traditional one. 

The truth is, both can be extremely secure, and both can let you down. Here’s why. 

Traditional Lock Pros and Cons

With a traditional lock, your locks are vulnerable to lock picking, lock bumping, drilling, and forcing. People can copy keys, steal keys, or create keys from molds to gain access to your home. From this point of view, the traditional lock does not look secure. 

But then, we use the traditional lock-in tandem with other safety locks and bolts which can increase the locks’ security. Locks are available that are pick proof and bump proof making a thief’s job that much harder. 

Smart Lock Pros and Cons

A smart lock does not come with keys which takes away any issues of lock picking or bumping, so from this point of view they are the more secure of the two. They can come with CCTV systems and alarms that increase the security of your home.

On the other hand, smart locks are vulnerable to hacking. If a thief knows how to hack a smart lock system they can be inside your home in 30 seconds or less. However, criminals with the ability to hack smart locks are not as common as your average burglar. 

The Bottom Line of the Smart and Traditional Lock

There are a lot of things to take into consideration when choosing the right lock for your home. If the other homes in your area are predominantly traditional locks then the chances of a criminal with smart lock knowledge being active on your street are significantly less than the chance of someone being on your street with lock picking tools.

On the other hand, a high-security traditional lock may be all you need to keep your home secure. 

Ask the Experts

What better way to know what lock will work best in your area and provide you with the most security than by asking someone who knows everything about lock security in your area. At Wynwood Lock Services in Miami, we work to provide your home with the security that you need. To see how we can improve your home security or to find out which lock will best suit your needs give us a call at 786-358-6116