security tips for retail store owners

Security Tips for Retail Store Owners

Retail store security is so much more than defending against the odd shoplifter. There are the night time troubles to consider. Break-ins, vandalism, and theft are just some of the problems retail store owners face. The following security tips will help any retail store owner to fight back against retail crime. 

Using the Right Locks

Research before buying your locks for your retail store. You are going to want a lock that will make a burglar have to work hard for entry. Not only will this act as a deterrent but, if they do get in, it will leave behind evidence that you will need for your insurance cover. 

The best locks from stores are lock pick and bumping resistant. No lock is 100% pick proof but you can make it extremely difficult for any would be thieves to gain entry. Look at locks with deadbolts and double cylinders. 

Re-key Security Locks on a Regular Basis

Re-keying a lock is a quick and efficient way to update your security. 

Most retail businesses have employees. Employees can lose keys or fail to return keys when they change jobs. Every missing key is a potential threat to the store. Re-keying the lock can remove that threat. 

Place Safeguards for All Exterior Doors and Windows

Don’t just worry about your front entrance. Thieves will find the entry of least resistance. This could be a back door or a window. So be sure to have strong locks on all entryways. 

You can also use extra security, like shutters and padlocks, to increase the security of the store when it is closed. 

Have a Good Quality Safe

If someone does successfully break into your store, having a good safe with all your valuables inside can prevent them from leaving with the best of what you have. Placing a safe in a secure place in the store, like behind another locked door, will make the thieves work that much harder. 

Even if you do have the finest safe available, it is not recommended to leave a lot of cash in your store. Make bank deposits on a regular basis to minimize any potential loss.  

Store Alarms

Installing a good security system is an excellent way to protect your store. Store alarms serve to deter thieves, convince thieves to leave quickly when activated, and sends an alarm to the local police. 

It works in favor of the store to have a system that includes:

  • Video surveillance
  • Door and window sensors
  • Motion detectors
  • Police alerts if the system is compromised.

Install Security Cameras

Security cameras serve as an excellent deterrent. And when the deterring factor does not work it captures evidence that can be used to capture the criminal. 

Having retail security cameras doesn’t just protect your store when it is closed either. They serve to deter shoplifters and protect your employees during working hours. 

Other Tips to Improve Store Security

Retail store security extends beyond protecting the store when it is closed. You will also want to consider what you can do to improve security during the opening hours. The following tips deter most daytime criminal activity and cost little. 

Be well lit.

Darkened areas in a store are more likely to have issues with shoplifters. Keeping the store well lit helps alleviate this problem.

Face up.

Having all your products sat on the front of the shelf in neat straight lines makes your store look excellent. It also deters shoplifters from taking anything as it would be obvious that there is something missing. 

Provide excellent customer service.

That service with a smile and polite can I help you with anything doesn’t just keep customers happy. Such interactions with your customers can make potential thieves feel watched. It will then be less likely they will commit a crime.

Place signs.

Don’t underestimate the power of a CCTV sign or a Shoplifters will be Prosecuted sign. These all serve to make a potential thief think twice. 

Speak to a Professional

Managing a retail store has enough pressures of its own. You needn’t shoulder the burden of figuring out security on your own. Contact Wynwood Locksmiths on 786-358-6116 for a commercial security assessment.