the best spots for your camera and sensors

The Best Spots for Your Cameras and Sensors

Whether you are looking to protect your home or business with extra security, it is important to get the placement of cameras and sensors right. If you place them in the wrong place, they will not be as effective. Here are some of the best places to place your cameras and sensors. 

Best Spots for Your Porch

The porch of your home is arguably the most accessible spot to secure your property. The invention of video doorbells and smart security, coupled with a view from the street, increases the chances of a potential burglar using a side or back entrance to gain access. However, having camera surveillance on your front porch can deter many or catch off guard the beginner opportunist criminal. 

Use a top out-of-reach corner facing away from your door when placing a camera. By having it face only your door, you risk capturing only the back of the heads of your visitors. Getting the angle right makes all the difference. 

If using a security doorbell, place the bell high enough to catch their faces as they walk up. Having a bell at doorknob height will not provide any identifying factors. 

Having a sensor facing towards your front door in the room beyond adds an extra layer to your home security. 

Best Spots for Your Garden

If your front door is visible from the street, the chances of an intruder using it to gain entry lessen significantly. Burglars do not want anyone to see them committing a criminal act, so they are more likely to use a side, back, or garden entrance. Here are a few places where you will want your security cameras and sensors to put off, or catch, the criminal. 

When placing cameras, pick a high place on the wall so an intruder cannot sabotage it easily. Also, it is best if your camera has a clear view of the entrance to your home from the garden. 

Depending on the building you are securing, you may also want to consider placing one on your garden shed, garage, or warehouse. If you are defending a warehouse, consider getting two security cameras. One for the warehouse entrance and one that revolves so it can see what is happening around your warehouse. 

When protecting a shed or garage, couple your garden view camera with a motion sensor inside the building to let you know if someone is trying to gain entrance. 

Light is the enemy of burglars, so install motion detector lights. Place them so that anyone walking in your garden, near your doors, windows, or sheds, gets lit up with bright lights. This will help your camera gain a clear picture of any would-be thief, but it also deters crimes of opportunity. 

Inside the Building

While you do not want to be placing cameras inside the building (unless it is a commercial property), motion sensors are always a good option. Place your motion detectors in the corner of the room that faces the doorway. Place the sensor high (5 to 8 feet high) near the ceiling to allow it the best view of the room. Be careful of placing sensors behind doors or tall furniture as this will reduce its capacity.

This approach also works well if you place a camera inside a commercial building. The top corner facing the doorway provides an excellent view of anyone entering and leaving your property. To avoid shoplifting cases, you can use a camera in the opposite corner or specialist mirrors to increase the amount that your first camera sees. 

Cameras and sensors act as a great preventative measure as it is one more obstacle that a potential thief needs to overcome.

Contact sensors on windows can inform you if windows are opening or if an intruder attempts to gain entry through a window. Depending on the sensor you use, this can trigger an alarm, send an alert to your phone, or even inform a security company. 

Improve the Security of Your Home

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