what is the difference between a deadlokc and a deadbolt

What’s the Difference Between a Deadlatch, Deadlock and a Deadbolt?

Deadlatch, deadlock and a deadbolt. Three lock names that we hear all the time when looking for the right locks for our homes. Is there a difference between these three popular lock choices? Does it matter which one you use for your home? Find out here. 

The Deadlatch

Have you ever closed a door and had it lock behind you? The latch just falls into place and the door then needs a key to open once again. This is a deadlatch. 

A deadlatch is basically a lock that has its own security system, locking the door behind you. Some of these latches come with added security that prevents the lock from being unlocked on either side of the door when in use. It is a good option for when you need to keep someone out who has a key making it a viable choice for conference rooms, offices, homes and apartments. 

The Deadlock or Deadbolt

When you close a bathroom door and turn a knob to lock it, that is a deadlock. When you turn the key in an external door with a basic lock, that is also a deadlock. 

Deadlocks and deadbolts are essentially the same with minor differences in design and use. The main difference being that the lock of a deadlock extends from the door into the wall increasing security. 

The lock design comes in 3 and 5 lever formats depending on the door the lock is working with. The 3 lever deadlocks are most commonly found in bathrooms. More complex 5 lever designs are used in external doors. 

These locks can only open or lock by the turning of a key or a knob. They are harder to pick as they have no spring settings in the lock, unlike the deadlatch. 

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