Why its important to burglar proof your windows

Why It’s Important to Burglar Proof Your Windows

We always make the best efforts to secure our doors. We lock them, alarm them, and install cameras or doorbells with cameras so we can feel more secure. But what do we do with our windows? 

Oftentimes, windows are left open to allow some air into the home on hot days. We close them but don’t lock them because who’s going to know? We certainly don’t bar them because that would make the house look unappealing. But we should be doing something to protect our windows. Here’s why you should.

Path of Least Resistance

When a criminal is looking at ways to gain access into the home, the door is not the first option. 

Doors are likely to be locked, alarmed, or watched. Windows, however, are easy to get through. The locks on windows are normally weaker, replaced less often, and not as secure. That’s if the window has even been locked in the first place. The window may have been left open to cool the home on a hot day. All an experienced burglar needs to gain entry into your home is for a window to be left open a little. 

Why waste time on a door with a deadbolt and a camera if they can gain entry through the window next to the door?

Away From Prying Eyes

The front door of your home is most likely to be the part of your house people can see from the street. 

When gaining entry into a home, a criminal wants to go unseen as much as possible. It is, therefore, easier for them to walk around the house until they see an easy to get through window. They can then ply their trade quickly and away from prying eyes. 

This may mean that they spend a few minutes getting the window open or that they throw a brick through the window. While thieves do not go out of their way to make noise, human nature dictates that if we hear a loud noise we will stop and listen for it again. Humans, as a whole, don’t act on one sound alone. That burglar will only need to make a loud sound once to bypass that window, so they are unlikely to be caught.

Less Likely to be Alarmed

As with the locks on our front doors, those who are a little more safety conscious will alarm their front doors. 

This doesn’t always happen with windows. So, rather than deal with the alarm on a door, a criminal will again, take the path of least resistance. A window. 

Tips to Help you Burglar Proof Your Windows

Knowing all of this, you may be wondering what you can do to improve the safety of your home and your family. Here are a few smart ideas to burglar-proof your windows 

Do Some Gardening

Plant some flower beds underneath your windows. Use thorny rose bushes to add color and beauty to your garden. The sharpness and awkwardness of the bush will make things harder for any crook.

Use a Durable Lock on Your Windows

Take as much care locking your windows as you do your front door. Install a lock that is durable, secure, and not easy to bypass. 

Never leave windows open when your home is unattended. This is an open invitation for crimes of opportunity. 

Go Smarter

Smart Locks have the added benefit of security cameras and phone notifications. By Going Smart with your locks, you can tie your windows and doors into a larger security system. These locks can be set to call the police or a security firm if the security of your home is breached.

Install an Alarm or Motion Detector

Alarms of any sort are a deterrent. They can cause problems for a burglar and force them to either speed things up or leave the job instantly. Having these installed to go off if a window breaks or is opened from the outside will make window entry a much less attractive route. 

Install Stronger Glass in Your Windows

While motion detectors and smart cameras will be able to alert the world if a rock flies through your window, it may be better to prevent that issue by installing a stronger glass. 

Impact windows or similar can prevent the glass from being smashed in the first place preventing any smash and grab home issues. 

Improve the Security of Your Home

The home is where you and your family should always feel safe and secure. We, at Wynwood Locksmiths, want to ensure that you have the security you need. For advice and assistance in securing your home contact Wynwood Locksmiths at 786-358-6116.